Replica Dior SADDLE Leather Vintage Gold D Hanging Bag Black

What kind of bags do fashionable women like? Usually they are a bit special, and they must be the most novel, attracting a lot of people’s attention. Recently, there is a bag that is very fashionable ladies’ feelings. Everyone is in disputes or not! That is the latest it bag, Replica Dior Bags Saddle, a quickly blushing saddle bag! There are also countless star street shoots.

This shape of Replica Dior Handbags SADDLE Leather Vintage Gold D Hanging Bag Black is an unforgettable bag. It was really popular in a few years, and now it is quickly becoming popular as soon as it comes back. It has once again become a hot item in the fashion circle. And on the side of the Dior old flowers also resurgence together! And its first sight should be in the American drama “Sex and the City”, in the third season, Carrie carried a Replica Dior Handbags saddle bag, and she perfectly matched the color of her whole look, the feminine lady’s full!

Replica Dior Handbags

Both Beyonc√© and Paris Hilton have been backed up, and for the stars at the front of the trend, this bag is a must. If there is also a “explosion” at that time, then Replica Dior Bags Saddle is a well-deserved It Bag!

Many valuable things in Europe are related to horses. The shape of the Replica Dior Bag saddle bag should be considered unprecedented, almost identical to the real saddle. Not only for Dior for the entire fashion industry at the time, this replica bag tote is definitely a bold and avant-garde design, very time-honoured!

In addition to the singular bag type, the metal decoration on the bag is also very domineering, and people are unforgettable. The cover is hung with a large Dior initial letter D; the shoulder strap and the body connection are huge CD-shaped metal connections, exaggerated with some exquisite feeling, very gas field. In fact, Replica Dior Handbag not only returned this saddle bag, but even the classic presbyopia has followed the tide! Among the many designs, the most classic is the Oblique old flower.

Replica Dior Handbags

I also introduced it to you earlier. The Oblique pattern is actually much earlier than the saddle bag. It was designed in the 1970s when Marc Bohan was the artistic director of the brand. So at the time, the Oblique canvas of the Oblique canvas was also a fashionable and retro bag.

In addition to the classic Oblique canvas print, the saddle bag has also launched a variety of different color combinations! From elegance to the street, from rough to soft to soft and delicate, the colors of all styles are counted! In fact, for me personally,Dior Saddle really can’t fit a bag in his heart. When I was just fascinated by fashion, this saddle bag has begun to slowly disappear, and I haven’t seen it for a while.

I have always felt particularly sorry when I have not witnessed it the hottest time! So now the saddle bag is back,I am so super happy. Although there have been many years of preparation, the design of the Saddle Bag is still very bold, and may be too different for some people, not the kind of Replica Bag that will fall in love at a glance.

Replica Dior Handbags

But the Dior saddle bag seems to have a magical power that makes people unable to open their eyes. Once you accept its settings, you will feel that it looks better! Just because the Saddle Bag is really different, the retro and the coolness of the sense of awkwardness can make the people who carry it become very popular and become the boldest and most dazzling one in the crowd!

The Saddle Bag, which returns to the public’s sight, not only maintains the original shape design, but also continues the rich color matching of this bag. The most popular is the Oblique pattern and the black gold combination. These two are also my most recommended. Printing is one of the most popular elements of the moment, and all major brands have successively launched their own signature printing bags. Dior’s Oblique pattern is relatively small, lower-key, and not local.

Especially the blue Oblique pattern makes people feel very fresh and advanced at first glance. If you choose lv old flowers is luxury, then choose Dior presbyopia is high cold feel. The new Dior Saddle is still different from the Vintage. The biggest difference is the Oblique pattern. Compared with the old version of the flat Dior, the new version adds the letter design of the letters, the font is more modern, and the patterns are all three-dimensional embroidery, so the texture looks super good! In color, the new version of the color contrast is more intense, the overall more cold, some naval style.