Replica Saint Laurent Kate Crystal Shoulder Bag

The first thing to say is the two bags of the Saint Laurent Monogram collection, which was created by the artist Pierre Cassandre in 1961 at the invitation of Replica Saint Laurent Handbags. The Monogram collection consists of two design elements.

In addition to the classic large, medium and small, Monogram College sometimes has some special patterns, such as crocodile embossed, crocodile embossed only on the leather to make the crocodile skin texture, not the real crocodile skin material!

Replica Saint Laurent Handbags

The bag is still simple and hoisted. There is no special decoration on the front and back except for the hot word logo. There is a pocket on the back for small objects. The chain can be adjusted. Replica Saint Laurent has a net red handbag, which is said to be net red for two reasons. First, there are a lot of people carrying it, the star supermodel has it, and there is a lot of size and red back. This bag is the Replica Saint Laurent Bags classic Monogram tassel bag.

The biggest feature of Saint Laurent fringed satchel is the addition of tassel elements on the original basis. The material is smooth calfskin, crocodile embossing, python embossing, velvet four kinds; size is medium and small; tassel In combination with the Monogram letter, there are also two types of gold and silver.

Replica Saint Laurent Handbags

Although the bag is small, it is definitely a versatile piece, which is related to its simple design. The front is very simple, with logo design and tassels. The back is also simple and has no design at all.

The bag is switched by a metal snap and the inside of the bag has a clear Replica Saint Laurent Handbags stamp. As for the color of the bag, it is very much! Different patterns, different sizes, different materials, different colors, and the combination of the following figures! This handbag and the tassels above are called Monogram Kate Bag, with only tassels and no tassels, but Replica Saint Laurent divides them clearly, and the Kate Bag without tassels is a series.

Replica Saint Laurent Handbags

This bag also wins with simplicity. The front has the hot letter of Logo. The rest are harder texture materials. There are also logos in the opening flap, and the hardware is also very delicate. In addition to the star’s favorite black, the brand has a lot of other color handbags, and embossed models, smooth leather models have. There are three types of hot stamping, gold, silver and black.

After reading these three Monogram series bags, do you feel that this season Replica Saint Laurent Bags actually did not have a new handbag? In fact, many times, the brand big show will not show all the new products in the show on the show, so although I did not see the replica bag tote on the show, it does not mean that it will not release the new after the follow-up, or can look forward to it!